Welcome to our ZealaCare


Leveraging advances in cloud hosted applications and "internet of things" technology to enable and ensure a resident care culture that reminds employees and users that our number-one priority is and always will be...a real person. We stand behind our core values and beliefs that all residents at care facilities deserve to be treated with love, kindness, dignity, and respect.


Highlighted Features

Working with resident care facilities to bring to the market wearable technology that allows autonomous and wireless resident monitoring, enabling a higher level of care. Connecting straight to the internet allows events to instantly be shared with those who need them.


  •    Designed to help care providers better manage, track & respond to resident needs
  •    Provides care givers a real time capability to track the care of every resident
  •    Integrated text, audio and photographic recording capability
  •    "Hands Free" monitoring of resident’s state through IoT enabled wireless monitors
  •    CareConnect Mobile app is caregiver point of service solution to manage resident’s care






Mobile App

ZealaCare Mobile App is designed to help care providers manage resident’s care at the point of service

  •    An automated resident monitoring and caregiver point of service solution
  •    Fully integrated on a secure cloud based platform
  •    Integrated, text, audio and photographic recording capability allow real time, easy and efficient resident observations and services recording.
  •    Notifies caregivers throw alerts about upcoming med. Pass and service activities





Application Care


  •    Resident’s personal information
  •    Insurance information
  •    Medical history
  •    Emergency contact information
  •    Efficient and scalable scheduling system
  •    Medication plan
  •    Services plan
  •    Notifications system to alert upcoming med. pass or service activity
  •    Resident wireless monitors enable remote wetness sensing, fall detection and resident call capability
  •    Residents are able to Call for care and caregiver visit verification is done via the monitors
  •    Audio and images are never stored on device
  •    Color codes to identify completed or uncompleted services / medications